New for 2017 is our 1:58 seconds interview slot. Each month we get to learn a bit more about a member of the DMSF Team or a supporter of the Foundation.

This month we bring you 25 year old Keira McCosh who attended South Island School in Hong Kong.  Her specialist sport is Rugby where you will see her wearing the number 4 shirt for Waterloo Ladies as a Second Row. Her key strengths in the game are as a ball carrier, jumper in line outs and to hit every ruck she sees!

1. Do you have a nickname and where did it come from?

Ke, KK, Salami and `Noo – all from my friends!

2. If you could have a superpower for one day, what would it be?


3. Name three people, dead or alive, who you’d like to have lunch with

David Attenborough, Beyonce and Ellen Degeneres

4. If you could achieve one goal in life, what would it be?

To own my own children’s nursery

5. Which food or drink could you not live without?

Ribena and cheese

6. Name your childhood teddy (we know you have/had one!)

Bailey Bear

7. Tell us your proudest moment to date

Playing Rugby for Hong Kong

8. Who is your idol?

Pink but mostly Bex ‘The Legend’ Wilson

9. What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Mint choc-chip

Thanks to Keira for being this month’s 1:58 second interviewee