60 Seconds with Vicente Modahl

This month we get to learn a bit more about Vicente Modahl – internationally acclaimed coach and Head Coach at DMSF.

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1. Do you have a nickname and where did it come from?

I had one when I was a child, ‘Tete’ because my mum thought I looked like a little bird ready to fly and somehow she gave me the nickname even though it means nothing really!

2. If you could have a superpower for one day, what would it be and why?

I would be Superman. I would hear and look through walls and gather evidence on all the dishonest people who work in anti-doping. I would then bring them to court so people could see the real truth about the people who are supposed to protect innocent athletes!

3. Name three people (dead or alive) you’d like to have lunch with

George Best who made me support Manchester United from the age of 6 onwards, Muhammad Ali who inspired me from childhood and Eric Cantona who is simply funny, down to earth, a great former Man U player – and he has a Harley Davidson Road King Classic as I had for many years!

4. If you could achieve one goal in life, what would it be?

Send all criminals and bad people to Mars so they could look down on earth and see what they’re missing out on for being evil

5. What food or drink could you not live without?

Gambas al pil pil, Paella and water

6. Name your childhood teddy (we know you had/have one!)

I didn’t actually, but my dog was a bit like a teddy bear and was called Scotty

7. Tell us your proudest moment to date

I have many, but when Diane qualified for the Olympics in 1996 after we’d won against the injustice done at the hands of IOC, IAAF and British Athletics Federation at the time, that ruined so much of our lives – that certainly made me proud

8. Who is your idol?

Julius Cesar – who despite being warned he might get killed if he went to his parliament that fatal day 2000 years ago, he made it clear threats would not stop him doing his duty

9. What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Crème Brulee

10. Where would your dream holiday destination be?


Thanks to Vicente for taking the time to answer the questions above.