Aaron Saxton

One of Manchester’s most accomplished teachers, Aaron made the move from mainstream education to head up training and development at the award winning hosting firm UKFast in 2013. During his 12 year career in teaching Aaron became the face of modern education – fronting the Training and Development Agency’s national recruitment campaign ‘Get into Teaching’. He was also recognised as a National Ambassador for Teaching. Spending seven years as a teacher and Head of ICT at The Dean Trust in Greater Manchester, Aaron played a key role in the development of the computer science curriculum, online learning environments and strengthening links between the schools and local businesses.

Since joining UKFast Aaron has transformed the standard expected of training and education in the private sector. He has created an award winning and industry-leading apprenticeship and education programme at UKFast and has a key role in supporting and developing partnerships with schools across Greater Manchester.

As a result of Aaron’s support and engagement with over 50 schools across Greater Manchester, UKFast has been highlighted by the Government for its exemplary education-employer partnerships.

Aaron believes that in order to improve the opportunities for some of the most challenged young people in the Greater Manchester there needs to be a significant investment in the talent of the future. Sport, businesses and digital are vehicles that can be used to help these young people believe big and aspire high!

I have always enjoyed participating and competing in a range of sports and compete for a club in the Manchester Area Cross Country League. I take part in weekly running events with my family and look after a team of runners #UKFastRunningClub. I continue to supplement my sporting activities with daily visits to the gym and regular games of badminton, tennis and football.

As a lifelong advocate of sport I am a great believer that education and business can learn a lot from sport and the parallels between the two are striking. In both worlds, elite performers are not born but made. Star athletes must have some innate, natural ability such as coordination, physical flexibility, and anatomical capacities, just as successful education and business leaders need to be able to think strategically and relate to their team. I believe the real key to excellence in education, sport and business is not the ability to run fast or do lots of quantitative analysis, but the mental toughness and resilience to succeed and overcome challenges. Elite performers in all arenas thrive on pressure and excel when the stakes are high.

As a board member at DMSF and a local lad from Hulme “I want to empower potential” using my experience of sport, education, business and digital to give some of the most disadvantaged young people a platform in life to succeed.