Watching other people make a difference is inspiring. If you’re in a fortunate enough position to have either time or money to spare, you might be thinking about how you can ‘give something back’; there are plenty of ways you can give or make a difference to DMSF.

The 2.6 Challenge

Help our very own Bex change the world and Save the UK’s Charities! We need your support to keep our young people safe, fed and happy.

DMSF Programme Manager Bex Wilson will be taking on the 2.6 challenge to help raise vital funds for DMSF. You can help her hit her target of £1,026 by donating TODAY.

Donate through Ziffit

You can donate to favourite charity directly through Ziffit, a free online service that values unwanted Books, CDs, DVDs & Games.

Use this lockdown time to clear out your drawers and wardrobes, and show your support for DMSF by trading in your unwanted belongings for money that will be donated straight to the Foundation?