Following in the footsteps of our very own coach Aimee Wallace, this month Apprentice Coach Django Back has successfully completed his 18-month apprenticeship with Coach Core Manchester, passing with Distinction.

His work-based apprenticeship has seen him combine his education day with StreetGames and a four-day week with DMSF developing as a sport and community coach.

Django has been an integral part of the DMSF team this year taking the lead on community sessions, developing his own football nights, creating content for our Empowered Minds programmes in schools and not to forget the challenge he’s to keep us all motivated during last years lockdowns.

Django tells us what the apprenticeship with DMSF has meant to him…

My name is Django Back and I am a sessional coach for the Diane Modahl Sports foundation. My role consists of working within schools and community hubs each day of the week to hold and assist with many of the sessions and projects the foundation carries out.

After graduating from University with a sports science degree in 2018 I started working part time in retail whilst doing voluntary coaching on the side. With my enjoyment for sport and coaching I was determined to find work within the field of sport and sports coaching when the apprenticeship opportunity came up through Coach Core for the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation.

Since beginning the apprenticeship with the foundation, the coaches and young people I have met and worked with have really helped to change my character and perspective on life. They have helped bring out a lot of confidence in myself and my capabilities. The foundation has given me so much to learn through the opportunities I have had working with young people and making a difference in the community.

Despite the global pandemic and lockdown across the country, the willingness, communication and connection people share within the foundation has helped me through since the start of the pandemic. Throughout they have given incentive, reason and opportunities for myself and others to continue through and come out the other side feeling optimistic about the future.

Progressing with my career and into the future I want to look at improving my knowledge and focus in sports coaching. Achieving some further coaching badges alongside working with the foundation in order to improve my ability to coach. I also want to look at taking on new roles and work within new settings and help the foundation further expand its area of operation within and beyond the community.

Django Back

Apprentice Coach, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

Django’s focus and resilience in the past 18-months is highly commendable. He has developed the understanding of how sport can engage and develop young people’s skills and character and the strategy behind it. Django will achieve great things in this sector in coming years. Well done buddy.
Bex Wilson

Programme Manager, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation