DMSF recognises the vital role sports and physical activity plays in ensuring physical and mental health. The return of sport is an exciting moment for the hundreds of young people who use our services and gain the multiple physical, mental and social benefits of playing. 

From September onwards the following DMSF activity will return:

  • Sport: Athletics, Rugby, Football and Youth Sports Club have all commenced.

  • Mentoring: 25 young people have been referred to the DMSF mentoring programme from across Tameside; each young person will be working on a bespoke programme to help develop their character and opportunities for a safe and successful future.

  • Education: In October we will launch our first ever youth leadership qualification, building on the success of the ‘DMSF debates’ activity held during lockdown. This will take place both online and offline.

  • School: Programmes have begun in Cedar Mount Academy, Audenshaw High School and Hyde Community College with several more following in the next few weeks.  


We will ensure that this return will be made as safe as possible and DMSF will be following government advice and implementing the following safety measures:


  • DMSF has conducted a thorough risk assessment of every venue. Risk assessments are being regularly amended to ensure they are up to date with current guidance. 

  • DMSF has also consulted the DfE guidance on Protective measures for out-of-school settings, which sets out further practical steps providers of community activities, holiday clubs, after-school clubs, tuition and other out-of-school provision for children should follow to minimise the risk of transmission for children attending their settings;

  • Our registration and register system has been updated to support the track and trace system collecting information on all staff and participants at sessions. 

  • We will not be taking bookings for activity at this time however small bubbles of activity will take place within a session to maintain social distancing and minimise risk.

  • All equipment is sanitised at 15-minute intervals, antibacterial is provided as well as PPE for all staff and participants.

If you would like more information on how our organisation is COVID compliant please do not hesitate to contact our head of programmes on 07534 404 881.

Bex Wilson

Programme Manager, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation