Wow! What a year 2017 has been for Diane Modahl Sports Foundation, we are now delivering 29 programmes across Manchester in schools, community hubs and sports centres, helping over 1000 young people across each week the City discover values that will help them throughout the entirety of their lives.

The Diane Modahl Sports Foundation, that identifies young people aged 7-21 from disadvantaged areas across the North West to improve education and career potential, was set-up by Commonwealth Games gold medallist Diane Modahl and her husband Vicente Modahl.

Co-founder and CEO Diane Modahl represented Great Britain in four Olympic Games from 1988-2000 and her early experiences as a young person from a deprived community, inspired her to establish the Youth Foundation to help those most in need.

DMSF prides itself on four key areas that will impact young people to identify their purpose and strive for the opportunities presented to them, not just in Manchester, but also ultimately across the UK.

Diane Modahl Sports Foundation values create a culture of high expectation of everyone involved to lead by example:

Positivity – Using sport as a catalyst, giving people purpose and changing lives.

Integrity – Acting with integrity. Instilling confidence. Leading by example.

Opportunity – Creating opportunities. Empowering potential and fostering aspiration.

Resilience – Applying discipline, staying focused and accepting disappointment when it comes your way.

Having grown substantially as a Foundation in 2017, Modahl is already looking to the next 12-months and said:

“Over the next 12 months the Foundation is looking to further establish itself as one of the UK’s leading education foundations using sport as a catalyst for change. We are committed to providing opportunities and a sense of purpose through and beyond sport for young people in schools, academies and across the youth sector so that they receive high-level coaching and mentoring that instils focus, resilience, commitment, and discipline.”

Aimee Pratt Running

Aimee Pratt Running

Engaging young people in sport, coaching, and education, Hub programmes include athletics, martial arts, boxing, football, rugby, basketball, personal training, and skateboarding. One of the aspects DMSF prides itself most on are the athletes, coaches and young community influencers that have come through the Foundation and are making their way to the top of their respective careers.

Kweku Bonsu

DMSF Coach Kweku Bonsu

Leading basketball coach 21-year-old Kewku Bonsu who started on the programme when he was 19 and long-distance runner Aimee Pratt, are both examples of the fantastic work and sporting opportunities that the foundation have created for young people who have great potential to become full-time professionals.

Bonsu who grew up in Ardwick delivers seven sessions a week to 10-year olds and said:

“We deliver a service to kids who don’t have a lot of opportunity to play ball, we want to give them an opportunity to do something positive and bring them up in a great environment.”

“I have been stopped more than once by the Police when I’m wearing my hoodie and on my way to coach.  When they hear that I’m on my way to coach a group of 10 year old’s – they then become more positively interested.  It’s not nice, but I just love to breakdown the stereotypical image of what people think of people who look like me.”

Pratt on the other hand is currently on training camp in Majorca with Coach Vicente and competed in her second major international at the Under 23 Athletics European Championships in the summer. The pair both appreciate the hard work of the DMSF Team and credit the Foundation as a major part of the heights that both have reached today.

With backers such as Rio Ferdinand, Dame Kelly Holmes, Kriss Akabusi and Sir Chris Hoy, DMSF goes into 2018 with a lot of reason to hope for an amazing year where we see the Foundation grow even further and ultimately be in a position to help thousands more children across the North West and hopefully at some point in the near future, branch out even further.
Co-Founder and performance coach Vicente Modahl believes that DMSF is doing great work and will be able to share that with lots more young people across the country provided the Foundation receives the support and sponsorship that it needs. The Norwegian exclaimed:

“Being involved with the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation would benefit businesses greatly because it will give them the social profile that all companies want to have. It also provides them with regular access to future athletes coming through the city and they will have been part of helping young people achieve their full potential. Our volunteers and young coaches have become a beacon of light in the city and these companies can help these people. Other local businesses will look at them and see how well they are doing as a business but will also see how they are giving back to the people and giving back to their local community.”

Another reason to be excited is the launch of our new website in the New Year that will enable us to more effectively show what we do and all the aspects of our work. It will also allow us to showcase the amazing work that our coaches and volunteers do, because without them, the Foundation would not be able to run efficiently and to such a high standard. Make sure you keep an eye out for that!
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