The DMSF Games was created by DMSF Programme Coordinator Clive Hamilton.  His vision was to create a competitive opportunity for young people who enjoy sport to put their skills to the test, build their confidence as well as volunteer, officiate and lead.

Well his vision is about to be realised!

If I’m honest, I’m quite proud that the Games are taking place.  We’ve been talking about the idea for a long time and to see it actually come to life is really good.

It’s all about our kids and how we continue to inspire them and give them opportunities that they might not get anywhere else.  It feels really good.

Clive Hamilton

DMSF Programme Coordinator & Coach, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

Congrats Clive, we hope we do you proud.

Kicking off with 5-a-Side Football on Friday 25 March, the multisport event will then move onto Basketball on 29 April, finally ending with Athletics on 27 May and we can’t wait.

Besides co-founders Diane and Vicente Modahl, Clive is one of DMSF’s longest serving members of staff. Initially involved in the Foundation from its inception in 2010, when his daughter Le-Shai (below: top row, 6th from left) was among the first group of athletes to be picked for the Foundation after her talent was spotted at her High School at Manchester Academy in Moss Side. Ironically this was the same school that Diane attended when it was formally known as Ducie High School.