Emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical health and we’re delighted to announce the launch of our first Youth Wellbeing Group.

For the first time ever, DMSF has created a Youth Wellbeing Group to help shape, lead and support the development of what the future of DMSF looks like for young people.

I feel good and optimistic about being in the Wellbeing Group.  It’s a safe environment where people can come into the Group and talk about whatever problems they’re noticing within the community and identify any changes and provide solutions to these problems.

DMSF have made such an impact on me considering where I started.  I’ve been fortunate to have lots of opportunities and also attending different activities and social events and this is an exciting opportunity that came along to help others and see what change we can make within the community as a whole.


Student at the University of Huddersfield and Wellbeing Group member

We asked the group:

  • How do you feel about being in the wellbeing group?
  • What difference do you think you can make?
  • Why did you want to get involved in the Group?
  • What difference has DMSF made to you?
  • What difference can we make to others?

Click on the video below to hear from co-Chair Tommy.

CEO Diane said, “We have always put young people at the heart of our decision making and it’s important for us to continue to do this and listen, particularly during these uncertain times.  The group will challenge our thinking to ensure we are reacting to the needs of young people as well as identify opportunities that can help young people reach their potential.  They will support and offer leadership to me and the wider team and become advocates and ambassadors for young people.

“It won’t be all work and no play though.  Our Group will, at times be invited to attend events, gala dinners and opportunities that will grow their networks and support their own personal development.”

Following in the footsteps of our brilliant young person’s representative Samuel Remi-Akinwale, the Group will be run by DMSF young people, Tommy Oladiti, Ben Dargan and Mariam Agbolahan, who have been with the Foundation for five years.

16-year-old Ben (pictured right) attending Connell College and Wellbeing Group member said: “I feel honoured to be selected as a leader to support the younger generation of athletes to become the best person of themselves and it’s not just being athletes.  It’s a great pleasure to help those kids become who they want to be, later on in life”

Meeting monthly, the Group will be asked to contribute to the strategic planning of DMSF programmes and activities.  This could include support with Task and Finish Groups, consultation, media and promotional activity.

Diane will provide the overall Chair and leadership support for the Group, supported by co-Chairs Tommy, Ben, Mariam and Bex.

(In addition to Tommy, Ben and Mariam, other Wellbeing Group members include: Favour, Joy, Moji, Chloe, Ben, Shoonki, Amy, Daniel, Ismail and Ash)

This is an exciting time for DMSF, we strongly believe that when people are in the lead, communities thrive. So, we have asked our young people to work with us.

Through the Youth Wellbeing Group, we aim to meet the issues young people and their communities are facing head on. They are embarking on a youth led mission to advise our staff and our board on what is needed if we are to make an impact on even more young lives.

We can’t wait to hear what they have in store.

Bex Wilson

DMSF Programme Manager, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation