Clive Hamilton is one of the main coaches working with Diane Modahl Sports Foundation. Clive works with hundreds of kids in Manchester per week, teaching them how to play sports such as Basketball, Gymnastics and Football. As well as this, Clive helps instil a great work-ethic and other vital life skills to some of Manchester’s most disadvantaged children whether that’s in school, community session or the DMSF Pupil Referral Units.


How did you first get involved with DMSF?

I initially got involved through my daughter, who attended Manchester Academy a school that Diane and DMSF were already working in. My daughter has always been an avid runner, so obviously the Foundation appealed to her. She was already training with Sale Harriers and wanted to get involved with the Foundation. She was enjoying it so much that I wanted to get involved as well.


What is your role at DMSF?

My role within the Foundation is as a sports facilitator. I love doing it, working with kids in the community, there are not very many opportunities for young people in Manchester. I know this because growing up I was in a very similar situation. I grew up without many opportunities and today’s kids are going through the same thing. Diane’s Foundation is providing opportunities for local kids in our area and helping coaches as well. I also help with our community hub sessions as well, we use a gym facility where we help teach the kids about fitness and exercise training and teaching kids how to get fit. We also throw in a few bits and bobs about nutrition as well, letting them know about the correct way to eat and train.


What do you think the benefits of DMSF are to the children of Manchester?

There aren’t many places to go or people who are really trying to get involved at a grassroots level and just giving them experiences for them to make choices that will directly impact their futures. Diane going into schools and helping at a grassroots level is something that we haven’t seen a lot before in Manchester.


Where would you like to see DMSF in a years’ time?

I’ve been working for DMSF for a year and I see it being a lot bigger than it is already. It’s has already grown rapidly in the short time that I have been involved. The really good thing about DMSF is they drew on my experiences and allowed me to implement a few ideas; for example, I implemented a leadership programme to get kids in coaching and when I mentioned this to Diane and Bex, they were nothing but supportive, so we trialled it and it worked. Since then, Diane sent Bex and I onto courses to try and help more kids. It can only grow because the kids really enjoy it and the parents see the benefits. I love being involved because I’m from Manchester and if at some point we can get out to the rest of the nation then that’ll be even better. I remember watching Diane on the TV as a youngster and she was someone that I looked up to, so now it’s really amazing to see athletes like her giving back to their communities.


What would you say to potential sponsors?

I’d be strongly convincing and tell the sponsors that what they are getting involved in really helps the community, which is what a lot of these places need and if you are a sponsor looking to get involved in this type of projects then it can only help your business and allow you to really help young people.