Imani Modahl, daughter of Diane Modahl Sports Foundation co-founders Diane & Vicente, tells of how she balances the life of a university student, whilst also working almost full time for the Foundation as a coach in the development squad.


What do you do?

I’m a law student, in my final year at Manchester Metropolitan. I manage to balance my time effectively between university and the foundation and I would be lost without it. I think my days are planned down to the second and it wouldn’t work any other way.


What is your role within DMSF?

I’m the coach of the development squad.


What was it like growing up with DMSF as a focal point for your parents?

It was natural, they were obviously both very heavily involved with athletics anyway, so it was a natural extension from being on the track and them being international running stars and coaches.


Is it nice seeing them give back so much to disadvantaged kids in Manchester?

Yeah it is nice, especially when you see the impact that they have on the day to day basis, which I do because I’m on the track all the time. Giving the kids skills that they wouldn’t necessarily come by otherwise. A girl that we work with, Olivia, got a job through skills learned during her time with DMSF. In today’s climate young people from every background, even if they are not disadvantaged struggle to get jobs, so something such as DMSF that helps youngsters in these skills can only be a good thing.


Where would you like to see DMSF in a years’ time?

That’s a good question. The most important thing for the foundation moving forward is to expand beyond sport. That may not be next year, but to see DMSF doing the same work with art, music and dance that is currently happening with sport could really help the foundation grow. This is because even though lots of kids in Manchester love sport, some don’t and can’t identify with it, so if we branch out into those other areas then that really allows us to get to see more kids in all of the things that we do and hopefully help the foundation grow, but also allow us to impact more people within Manchester.


For any potential sponsors that will read this article, what would you tell them?

Let me think. I’d say that investing in DMSF is a bit of a brave step because I know that a lot of sponsors and businesses are very happy to support with value in kind, but to take that next step and support a charity financially really makes a big difference. The 1000 kids a week that we see may not sound a lot to a big corporation but as someone that is there on a day to day basis and sees the goings on, I can assure you that it could make a world of difference. Investment into the foundation will help to expand the charity because we have limited coaches, time and money so it would allow us to expand our reach and also help grow the charity to a point where we are helping even more people.