Huge thanks to Sports Tours International who’ve given us 20 free places in the UKFast Salford 10K.

In the spirit of competition (we love a bit of that..!) we decided to split the places across three teams who would each celebrate and represent the three strands of DMSF; sport, education and employability.

So, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to them…!

Sport: Bex Wilson

Sochi Olympian and revered DMSF coach and Programme Manager Bex Wilson will lead our sports team; instilling her incredible attitude in each member of her team, Bex will coach them, motivate them and get them over the line on the day

Education: Steve Worthington

Dean Trust Ardwick deputy head teacher Steve is committed to learning and development across the city. He’ll be flying the flag for our efforts in education, assembling a team of likeminded runners on the day

Employability: Tunde Okewale OBE

A close friend of the Foundation and a shining light in the legal world, barrister Tunde will assemble a team to celebrate our commitment to employability. He’s spoken at our events in the past, inspiring our young people and showing them how they can carve out awesome careers for themselves.

And now the big news… We are offering three lucky runners the chance to each join one of our teams. So if you want to apply for one of the places drop us a line; the closing date is Friday 18th August 2017.

You’ll get your place in the race and all you’ll need to do is commit to raising just £40 for DMSF – helping our young people as we train and empower them as part of our ongoing programme.  Collectively £40 goes towards providing transport for our young people to get to and from our sessions.  A lack of transport is often the biggest barrier to our young people achieving their aspirations and you can help change that.

We’d love you to get on board!