DMSF staff and young people have been involved in reinvigorating an art project that celebrates the life of teenager Jessie James, who was shot dead in a park in the Moss Side area of Manchester 15 years ago.

Friends of schoolboy Jessie James painted the colourful graffiti in Broadfield Park, Moss Side, as a lasting memorial to him at the spot where he was murdered, aged just 15.

Sheldon, from Hulme, was helped by friend Kemoy Walker, to create the original artwork on the wall behind the Powerhouse library.  It is now being refurbished as part of a project with Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse and 84Youth, to bring the wall back to life, and celebrate the more positive, vibrant side of Moss Side.

I4YPC, a charity which enriches the lives of young people via accessible and dynamic experiences of art, will deliver the artwork element of the project.

Click on the video (below) to hear more.

We’re delighted to announce that ‘Jessie’s Wall’ has won the One Manchester Community Soup Pitching Event for Moss Side.

We should always remember what happened here, but I want the community to move in the direction of something more positive. We want to turn a sad situation into a situation of hope and optimism, and this wall is going to help us achieve that.

Clive Hamilton

DMSF Coach, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

One Manchester Community Soup supports local community groups and projects that make a difference to the lives of the people who live there. It gives the local community the opportunity to have their say and vote on the project they want in their area. Winning projects are awarded up to £4,000 from One Manchester. Thank you to everyone who voted for ‘Jessie’s Wall’.