We’re proud to have worked with some incredible organisations over the years, and one who has provided a huge amount of backing is the Professional Footballers’ Association.

DMSF and the PFA have been in partnership since 2014, which has seen ongoing support and donations throughout those years, including a £10k funding boost to their programme.

This funding is now being used to help support pupils all across the North West as they develop crucial leadership skills, with the help of ex-professional footballer, the PFA’s Terry Angus.

Terry Angus, who joined the PFA as Community Equalities Executive, had this to say: “We have to ensure that we are offering young people the support and the guidance, and that we offer them a pathway to be the best they can be. So whether that is educationally or vocationally, we have to ensure they have the right support networks in place.

“DMSF offer these support networks and it’s not just on the track or in a sporting environment. They offer help around the home and with social inclusion, to raise young people’s self esteem, which then raises their aspirations. Alongside what the PFA is providing financially, hopefully all this will help the young people we work with be the best they can be.”

Rebekah Wilson, Programme Manager at DMSF, said: “Our partnership with the PFA is invaluable. They are an organisation who understands the needs of our young people and what has to happen on the ground to ensure we make a difference. In the past 3 years we have had 87,000 visits to our sport and education programmes and registered over 1500 young people.

“We are proud to be a part of our young people’s lives, instilling resilience, offering a focus, creating opportunities and establishing what it means to be committed and have purpose.”