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Clive Hamilton

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Clive Hamilton


clive hamilton

Best Sporting Achievement

Becoming a qualified Personal Trainer and Athletics Coach. This broadened my ability to work with children and adults across so many different areas including hygiene, nutrition, fitness, and exercise and through a range of activities.

Inspired By

Muhammad Ali. I actually wanted to be a boxer, but I was never allowed because my mum said I was too bad tempered – think she was worried I might hurt someone! I loved to run and I was always racing – to the shop, to my grandma’s and I would even race the No.53 bus down Great Western Street!

Most Proud Sporting Moment

Winning the Sunday League Division Two Cup Final. I played Right Back, ironically for the Powerhouse Dynamos. I’m now a coach at the Powerhouse … time to bring the League back!

Quote I live by

“Live Life”

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