We asked our fabulous staff, children and young people what they’d like to see on their DMSF Christmas wish-list and said: “If we could achieve one thing to make DMSF even better, what would it be?”

Here’s what they said:

  • DMSF home-grown Olympic Athlete;
  • ONE Shiny new HQ;
  • Deliver our serious youth violence programme in TWO areas;
  • Deliver our new leadership programme in THREE schools;
  • FOUR DMSF Partner Schools
  • FIVE gold rings!
  • SIX Xmas dinners across our community sites – securing a food sponsor to ensure all our young people are fed;
  • SEVEN Alumni actively involved;
  • EIGHT events in Borough’s we currently don’t operate in
  • NINE young people at each session this coming year
  • TEN Wooooo! We are 10 “Happy Birthday DMSF”
    Team DMSF to blind test ELEVEN mince pies;
  • TWELVE trained staff mentors.

We need your support to help make their wishes comes true! You can donate to DMSF by visiting www.dmsf.org.uk or contact johanna@dmsf.co.uk to discuss partner and sponsorship opportunities.