Marc Yaffe

Marc is the Head of Commercial Litigation at JMW Solicitors LLP and advises many of Manchester’s entrepreneurs and sports stars on range of commercial disputes.

A proud Mancunian, Marc has a passion for helping the young people of Manchester better themselves. In this regard, he is a Mentor at Natwest’s Entrepreneurial Spark hub, and was honoured to be invited to the DMSF Board. Marc will assist DMSF with all legal matters, but is also keen to reach out to his commercial and sporting contacts to raise the profile of DMSF and the great work it does in Manchester.

Approachable and with boundless energy, we are sure that Marc will really make a difference with his work for DMSF.

Marc lives in the City Centre district of Castlefield with his fiancée, and is looking forward to his forthcoming wedding. Lastly, he is the proud owner of a tiny yet excitable Pomeranian called Jim!