We’re working hard to put young people at the heart of Greater Manchester.

DMSF is working with the Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to give young people a voice and we are currently exploring ways we can collaborate on our Recover & Restart Programme, developed in response to the current pandemic.

Recognising the severe mental health challenges described below, our Recover & Restart Programme which will give our young people the tools to help them deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, self-harm and anti-social behaviour.

Key areas of concern:

  1. Increased levels of risk for young people, especially those most vulnerable to exploitation e.g. Involvement in criminal behaviour and drug related crime.
  2. Increased risks of mental health issues due to isolation and reduced support.
  3. A lack of safe space at home, including not being able to access DMSF youth sessions and someone to turn to.
  4. Challenging family relationships including witnessing and experiencing domestic abuse and violence, being exposed to substance abuse and alcohol abuse.
  5. Increased levels of poverty as parents and carers’ jobs are lost or become vulnerable.
  6. Significant reduction in life skills, aspirations and development, especially for the most vulnerable young people.

The purpose of the programme is to enable our young people to recognise where they may need further supporting following Covid-19 as well as allowing our team to be trained and skilled to recognise the symptoms of poor mental health.

The programme will:

  • Train 10 young people to become a DMSF ‘Mental Health Mentor’ within their schools using the combination of sport and therapy. We want to create a soft landing for our children and young people, to ensure that no child slips through the net on their return to school.
  • Provide access to training for young people to develop their leadership skills and become qualified coaches, creating 80 young Sports Leaders.
  • Give our young people access to a 1:1 Counselling Service whenever they need it. We want to be able to offer our young people support on a range of issues in a young person-centered environment.

If you would like to find out more and get involved, please contact johanna@dmsf.co.uk.