Charity partner Reside Manchester have been busy fundraising since the start of the year, keen to hit their quarterly target of £1,000 which they have since achieved having raised over £2,000 since Sept-Dec 2021. Activity has included a ‘Dry January” campaign which the whole office participated in, and staff successfully completed (and volunteered at) the Hale 10K in February 2022. 

Laura Howard, Office Manager at Reside Manchester said: “We are pleased to say that our total currently stands at £2,430.00! We have therefore increased our fundraising target again to £3,000 which we are hopeful we can reach in the next few months.”

To enhance their involvement with the Foundation, the Reside team visited two DMSF Youth Hubs sessions in February, one at Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse and the other at Gorton Education Village, where they had the opportunity to meet some of the DMSF team and hear from the young people themselves about the impact of our work.

It was fantastic to get first-hand experience of what the Foundation does. The young people were great, and you could tell they were really passionate about the activities they were involved in. We recognise the importance of the work DMSF does, and we are keen to get involved in more volunteering opportunities such as the DMSF Games.

Laura Howard

Office Manager, Reside Manchester

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