Last month we announced that we would be introducing an on-going reward scheme at all our schools and after-school youth hubs, where young people who have demonstrated DMSF values of commitment, leadership, resilience and positivity will receive a reward at the end of term to recognise their achievement.

The reward scheme is part of a new partnership with Sanctum Healthcare, a private mental health company to develop and integrate a health and wellbeing offering into our programmes that focus on supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of our staff and young people.

Improving the health and wellbeing of our young people is a key priority for DMSF. This is especially important during challenging times, change and adversity, and the workshops, group work programmes, and coaching sessions we will develop with Sanctum, will promote skills and strategies for wellbeing and resilience.

The reward vouchers are being designed by DMSF young people in a mini-competition being run at our youth clubs.

This reward scheme will provide the young people DMSF work with, with a renewed sense of purpose and offer a fun initiative to work towards with a new level of motivation to feel part of something really special.

Dr Raffi

Founder and Medical Director, Sanctum Healthcare

Image (left to right): Jonathan Edgeley, Commercial Director, Sanctum Healthcare. Dr Raffi, Founder and Medical Director, Sanctum Healthcare.