DMSF is launching a partnership with Sanctum Healthcare, a private mental health company, to integrate a health and wellbeing offering into their programmes that focus on supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of our staff and young people.

DMSF will be putting wellness at the heart of the working day and, in partnership with Sanctum, will develop and deliver activity to improve staff wellbeing and through on-going mentoring, supporting staff to feel well, healthy and happy at work.

Improving the health and wellbeing of our young people is a key priority for DMSF. This is especially important during challenging times, change and adversity, and the workshops, group work programmes, and coaching sessions we will develop with Sanctum, will promote skills and strategies for wellbeing and resilience.

We will also be introducing an on-going reward scheme at all our schools and after-school youth hubs, where young people who have demonstrated DMSF values of commitment, leadership, resilience and positivity will receive a reward at the end of term to recognise their achievement. It’s going to be a very hard pick!

We have come together with Sanctum Healthcare to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of our young people and also our brilliant staff.  Regardless of the pandemic this team go above and beyond their roles to enable DMSF to deliver exceptional impact across Greater Manchester. As CEO it’s imperative that I develop an inclusive programme approach and culture – where no one gets left behind. This partnership will make a significant difference to the ability of the team to meet the wellbeing needs of staff and young people. Thank you to Jonathan and the team at Sanctum for enabling this partnership to happen.

Diane Modahl

CEO and co-Founder, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

It is vitally important that we do whatever we can to support our local community and provide all the necessary guidance to the next generation. I very much look forward to developing a strong alliance with the DMSF team and support the mental health of the team taking each one from good to great.

Dr Raffi

Founder and Medical Director, Sanctum Healthcare

It is with great enthusiasm that we enter into a working partnership with DMSF. I very much hope that our time and services can in some small way support the incredible work Diane and the DMSF coaching team are making in the lives of these talented young people. They are our future; we must harness and develop their abilities. We are humbled by the opportunity to be involved with a live changing foundation such as DMSF.

Jonathan Edgeley

Commercial Director, Sanctum Healthcare