Our school programmes and after-schools clubs are back for 2021!

We are excited to bring back our services after nearly five months in lockdown, and from the 12 April DMSF has returned to schools, youth clubs and athletics performance.

We offer multi-sport after-school clubs through our Community Youth Hubs programme that focus a variety of sports, including athletics, rugby and cricket; and we work with our young people to help them develop leadership qualifications. All our after-school clubs cater for the very beginner to the more advanced.

Our in-school programmes currently operate in seven schools across Greater Manchester and deliver lunchtime and breaktime sport activity, afternoon youth clubs, mentoring and leadership, and Empowered Minds programmes, for hundreds of pupils.

Due to ongoing covid restrictions, we have carried out risk assessments and we are fully up to date with the latest government guidance regarding sports and activities.

All our coaches are trained in the sport or activity they are leading, and all our sessions are designed to get the very best out of young people and for them to have fun, whilst developing life skills.

If you would like to find out more about our programmes of activity and how to get involved, please contact Bex at rebekah@dmsf.co.uk.