DMSF has started the rollout of its digital Skills4Life programme which uses an innovative tool that empowers our young people to connect with their personal development.

Skills4Life gives our young people access, via a digital dashboard, to information about how well they are performing in different areas such as commitment, leadership, problem-solving and communication.

It allows them to record and demonstrate skills and achievements beyond exam results, potentially of use for further education and higher education admissions and to employers.

As well as tracking their achievements [as a result of participating in DMSF programmes and attending sessions], the interactive tool allows our young people to upload photos, videos and receive feedback and endorsements from their coaches, ultimately building a visual portfolio which demonstrates what they get out of their sessions.

We hope this becomes a valuable tool that our young poeple want to use to highlight the value and importance of their life skills development.

When you don’t keep a log of your achievements you’re more likely to forget the specifics that speak volumes about who you are as a person and your value. Our staff have started to use the app and we will roll it out to our young people over the coming weeks; they will take some quiet time at the end of a session to brainstorm and reflect on their accomplishments, and record them via the app.

Bex Wilson

Programme Manager, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation