Steven Worthington

Steven developed a passion for sports at a very young age. He has been an avid athlete for most of his life and he enjoys using sport to challenge and better himself.

Steven played semi-professional football for a number of clubs in the North West Counties Football League. During University, he played Rugby League and was selected to represent the North West team. More recently, Steven started competing in triathlons, ran his first marathon, completed a 24hr race and finished the prestigious Ironman®. He continues to enjoy being involved with an athletic community of like-minded individuals.
Steven started his career as a PE teacher using a philosophy founded on the mindset of a sports person. He taught young people the important role of sport; leading by example, he demonstrated to his pupils how sport can develop character and shape individuals to be successful.

He has proven record of accomplishment as a leader in education; he has held leadership posts in three different outstanding schools and has worked as a Specialist Leader in Education. He is currently the Deputy Head Teacher at Dean Trust Ardwick, a new school in Manchester, which he helped establish since its inception.

Steven joined the board of DMSF in 2017 with ambitions of fostering support for young people through education and by extending access to opportunities through sport. Insofar, he has dedicated to ensuring, as many young people as possible are able to achieve their highest potential and ambition.

Steven cares deeply about the opportunities available to young people and believes that engaging in sport gives people the tools, confidence, and edge to succeed in life.