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A little goes a long way but we need your help to do more. For most charities, times have been extremely tough during lockdown and during these uncertain times too many young people are feeling increasingly desperate.

Now that we’re returning to deliver our much-needed community provision we need your help so that we can safely support our young people, and start to rebuild their mental wellbeing and confidence.

We’re calling on all our supporters get behind us and help give our fundraising a BIG push. From event sponsorship to community projects there’s something to suit every budget. Your donation will help change the future for a young person, you will be helping young people like Ben and Alex.

Donate today and help us to turn barriers into opportunities….

Ben’s Story

An insight into Ben’s life, as told by his parents.

Alex’s Story

Proud to be selected for the school sports team

Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

The Diane Modahl Sports Foundation (DMSF) is a registered charity which works with young people from disadvantaged areas across the North West, enabling them to make the most of themselves in sport, school and life.

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