Vicente Modahl

Best Sporting Achievement

Working and planning the world record in 1989 for my athlete Said Aouita from Morocco to become the first man to break the 7 minutes 30 seconds barrier for 3000m in Cologne, Germany. On the day my job was to evaluate his opponents, plan the pace, warm up with him and give him split times during the race.  Said did break the world record and ran 7.29.45 and added the 5th world record to his collection over 5 different distances: 1500m, 2000m, 2 miles and 5000m.


The Equal Proudest Sporting Achievement

In 1994 my wife Diane Modahl was falsely accused of a doping offence.  I maintained the momentum to ensure that the injustice to Diane was not ruining her or my career.  We proved that the dope testing system was flawed and that the system tried to cover up the truth.  As a result Diane won her case against the authorities and the doping system was forever changed.  To date the first case ever to overturn a false positive result.


Proudest Sporting Moment

Taking a 14 year old inner-city girl in Manchester, Aimee Pratt from zero to becoming a 5 time British Champion, English Schools Champion, U20 World Championship qualifier and 2017 U23 European Championship finalist in her specialist distance of 3000m Steeple Chase.  All achieved with the support of DMSF, founded by myself and Diane which today is a beacon of quality for aspiring young people.