To celebrate our 10th birthday we will be highlighting some key moments and individuals from the last ten years. This month we’re delighted to introduce DJ (pictured above – grey t-shirt – with his mentor DMSF Programme Manager Bex Wilson).

DJ has been with DMSF for four years and last year progressed on from the DMSF Development Squad to train with Jess Taylor-Jemmett, Commonwealth Heptathlon Bronze Medallist Glasgow 2014 (pictured left).

This weekend (14-15 March) DJ brought home a silver medal in the England Athletics U15 / U17 Combined Events Championships competing in the U17 Men’s Heptathlon with personal bests in all seven events. In addition to this his performance awarded him a Gold Medal for the North of England Championships run in a combined championships.

Prior to attending the event his mentor coach Bex caught up with him and he said: “I’m going to Sheffield with every focus to get this medal. It is essential that I come back with it to show you!”

And he did.

DJ, we are so proud of you.

Many young people in Manchester face social and economic deprivation and inequality that can have a lasting impact on their life chances. As a result, Manchester – and Greater Manchester – is a place where youngsters are often held back by a lack of confidence, uncertainty and low expectation

As well as providing access to high quality coaching, DMSF utilises the power and disciplines of sport to improve young people’s self-esteem and develop positive character traits to set them up for life.

We’re both proud and privileged to have DJ on our team.