To celebrate our 10th birthday we will be highlighting some key moments and individuals from the last ten years. This month we’re delighted to introduce Mariam; our newly appointed Social Media Advisor.

When Mariam first joined DMSF she was an extremely reserved young girl who lacked so much confidence in her own ability. During her time with the Foundation she went on workplace visits, led presentations in front of her peers, completed her Level 2 in Sports Leadership and wrote her own CV, and in July 2018 she was identified as our ‘Young person of the month’.

Mariam has since gained the confidence and skills needed to identify the best way forward for her, and she was recently appointed as DMSF Social Media Advisor.

Mariam said: “My role is to make sure that our social media is on point, and to ensure that we are engaging with everyone especially our amazing young people. I will be making sure that people’s points are valued and respected, and I’ll be showing you DMSF behind the scenes… because we are always creating something beautiful”.

Many young people in Manchester face social and economic deprivation and inequality that can have a lasting impact on their life chances. As a result, Manchester – and Greater Manchester – is a place where youngsters are often held back by a lack of confidence, uncertainty and low expectation.

As well as providing access to high quality coaching, DMSF utilises the power and disciplines of sport to improve young people’s self-esteem and develop positive character traits to set them up for life.

We’re both proud and privileged to have Mariam on our team.