DMSF are working with a group of young people from Rushbrook Academy who have been highlighted by school as individuals who would benefit from nurturing and confidence building as part of a wider health and wellbeing programme.

The DMSF team worked with the group of young people initially for six weeks in the run up to Christmas 2021.

The programme explores emotional wellbeing and understanding, and DMSF staff worked with the young people to help build their confidence and develop their teamwork and leadership skills, alongside work around spreading positivity and being proud of who they are. The young people became the schools “Happiness Ambassadors”.

At the start of the programme the pupils who were all aged between 7-11 years old (years 3 to 6) were asked, “what makes Manchester great”.

Some replied with their friends, their homes and one pupil responded with having electricity and food. The other responses as to what they enjoy most about Manchester………visiting Asda and Tesco.

Were we shocked? No. Will that shock you? We doubt it very much, which just highlights the importance of what we do at the Foundation.

Denis Moran

DMSF Education Partnerships, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

DMSF Education Manager Keira and Denis, are on a mission to ensure that when the pupils complete the programme, they won’t be saying that their favourite place in Manchester is Asda or Tesco!

The only person who didn’t respond with any of the above was Ebaneezor. His favourite place?

The Manchester Regional Indoor arena! Which just shows what progress you can make.

Denis Moran

DMSF Education Partnerships , DIane Modahl Sports Foundatiohn