This month (July) we would like to recognise the achievements of Mariam, age 16.

Mariam started with DMSF on our Alternative Provision project called ‘Empowered Minds’ two years ago. She was an extremely reserved young girl who lacked so much confidence in her own ability. This was understandable; a lack of purpose, role models, inspiration and belief is a normal environment for so many of our young people. We like to do things differently here. At DMSF you have a CHOICE to be successful. We don’t take opportunities for granted. We take them by both hands. We listen, we learn, we respect each and every one of our young people and remind them that they are in control. This is where Mariam’s story began.

As a part of our project, Mariam went on workplace visits, led presentations in front of her peers, completed her Level 2 in Sports Leadership and wrote her own CV. Together we turned blaming the past into looking forward to the future. We discovered her passion for athletics and encouraged her to access DMSF outside of school. In the past two years I am so proud to have mentored and supported Mariam while she has battled with the daily challenge of growing up in Manchester.

Mariam now attends the development squad training twice a week, taken part in competitions, sat all of her GCSE’s and built a strong relationship with our coaches. She even made a speech at this year’s DMSF Graduation which marked a huge turning point for her – a long way from the girl we met two years ago.

Continue to be brave Mariam. Be brilliant. The future is yours to take.