At DMSF we are extremely proud of our team of volunteers who jump at the opportunity to support our programme of internal and external events.

We received outstanding feedback from both athletes and supporters at the Manchester Invitational, held at Sportcity on May 27, with regards to our young volunteers who played a crucial role in the smooth running of the event.

Our volunteers represented the foundation impeccably and ensured that the event was a huge success at a time when so many sporting competitions are struggling to take place. 

We would like to give a special mention to Ismail Hassan who received the Manchester Invitational Volunteer Award for his contribution at the event. Ismail has been a committed member of team DMSF for several years both during his time at school and now as a development athlete and DMSF Junior Coach.

His volunteer hours are impressive and we look forward to supporting Ismail and our other volunteers with opportunities that raise their aspirations, build their confidence and have fun!

I felt honoured and grateful to receive the Manchester invitational trophy it was unexpected but was worth it. I truly thank Bex and Diane who made it happen 🙌🔥💯

Ismail Hassan

DMSF Young Person, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

The best part to working with young people is times like this. Celebrating their success. Ish has grown not just literally from the quiet 14-year old who was referred to our Foundation, but into a confident and committed young man. I am so proud of who he is and the positive future he is creating for  himself.

Bex Wilson

Progamme Manager, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation